Want to buy exclusive publishing rights for tiger photographs

To professional and amateur photographers:

For finaquant, I am looking for interesting tiger (Panthera tigris) photographs of exceptional quality. Please contact me if you think you have such photographs that are not yet published anywhere, or put for sale in some stock photography sites. I would like to buy exclusive publishing rights of several photographs for about five years, with fees to be paid each year.

Apart from general technical excellence (sharp focus, natural colors and exposure, balanced conposition etc.) I am looking for photographs that reflect the behavioral aspects of tigers in their daily life and struggle for survival. For example:

  • Mother tiger with cubs
  • Sibling cubs playing
  • Tiger stalking for pray
  • Male tiger looking over his family from distance
  • Tiger in action: Swimming, running, jumping, climbing …

I prefer well-documented photographs (place, time, tiger race/sub-species, story of photograph etc.) taken in natural environments (i.e. not in zoos). I want to avoid brutal hunting or fighting scenes.

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoglu, 15. February 2012

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