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Check my shared folder MyAnalyticalSoftware_AllDownloads for most uptodate downloads. Open-Source downloads of the C#/.NET libraries Finaquant Calcs and Finaquant Protos are also included in this shared download folder as zipped Visual Studio 2012 files. You may contact me if you need consulting for my analytical software (C#/.NET, Matlab, Python, R).

Free downloads

Basic matrix and vector functions written with VBA for excel users and programmersBasic matrix and vector functions in VBA/Excel
About 60 matrix and vector functions for excel users and macro (VBA) programmers. All functions are written with the native macro language (VBA) of MS Excel.

  1. Generating test data with matlab and excel (2566 downloads)
  2. Matlab and Excel VBA scripts for generating test data (1945 downloads)
  3. Quick Start Reference for MATLAB and R (1857 downloads)
  4. Quick Start Examples for MATLAB and R (1830 downloads)
  5. Fee and Commission Types in the Mutual Fund Business - slides (708 downloads)
  6. Price estimators with R (935 downloads)
  7. Efficient risk frontiers with matlab (1250 downloads)
  8. Fee Calculator and Analyzer (1185 downloads)
  9. Simple Performance Fee Calculation (1259 downloads)
  10. Quantifiable Value of Information in Direct Marketing (1336 downloads)
  11. Simple Estimation Model with Linear Regression (1261 downloads)
  12. Analyical Consolidation 1 - slides (700 downloads)
  13. Simple table-valued functions in Python (
  14. Matrix & Vector functions in Excel (VBA code in text file)
  15. Test Matrix & Vector functions in Excel (VBA code in text file)

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