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Tunç Ali Kütükçüoğlu, April 2018

As an experienced data analyst and software developer, I was the founder and sole owner of Finaquant Analytics in Switzerland and the developer of all its software products (see note-1 below, Finaquant Analytics is not active anymore since 2015):

.NET libraries with Table Valued Functions, Finaquant Protos (free, non-commercial) and Finaquant Calcs (commercial).

Since 2015, I developed software in mostly Python (see Travel and Assigment Planning in Python).

I am originally an electrical engineer, with further studies in economy and finance. Analytical overview, good technical communication skills and efficient programming (well structured and documented) are my real strengths.

My interests are: Analytical programming, natural aquariums, wildlife, economy & environment, music, science & philosophy, ecological farming.

More information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries.
My email: contactme (at) tuncalik dot com

My CV and References
You may download here my CV, diplomas and references including a general cover letter that describes my strengths, and what I am looking for in software projects as a senior data analyst and developer.

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoglu

Important notes (update in September 2018):
1) My company Finaquant Analytics GmbH is not active since 2015, since I decided to offer software know-how and consultancy with open-source software (as part-time employee or freelancer) instead of closed-source software certificates. All the software (in c#/.net) that I had developed for Finaquant Analytics will soon be available for download as free open-source.
2) Some links, references and downloads on this personal site (software.tuncalik.com) may not be up-to-date as I recently transferred the whole site (including my technical articles about software-related topics) from finaquant.com to software.tuncalik.com. Give me some time; I will check and correct them one by one.
3) As a principle, I don’t want to work for socially and ecologically irresponsible companies. That’s why I decided in 2012 not to work in projects for dubious sectors like finance, agrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and defense. These are for my black-money sectors.

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