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Tunç Ali Kütükçüoğlu, April 2018

As senior data analyst & developer I was the founder and sole owner of Finaquant Analytics in Switzerland and the developer of all its software products:

C#/.NET libraries with Table Valued Functions, Finaquant Protos (free, non-commercial) and Finaquant Calcs (commercial).

Since 2015, I developed software in mostly Python (see Travel and Assigment Planning in Python).

I am originally an electrical engineer, with further studies in economy and finance. Ability to see the complete picture, analytical oversight, efficient programming (well structured and documented), exceptional problem solving and technical communication skills are my real strengths.

My personal interests are: Analytical programming, natural aquariums, wildlife & ecology, economy & environment, music & playing piano,philosophy & science, ecological farming (permaculture).

More information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries and challenging software development projects, especially in analytical areas like intelligent mobility, resource optimization and predictive modelling. My email: contactme (at) tuncalik dot com

My CV and References
You may download here my CV, diplomas and references including a general cover letter that describes my strengths, and what I am looking for in software projects as a senior data analyst and developer.

My most important software development projects
Since 1995 I developed serious software. When I look back today (March 2019), I think, these are my most important achievements in software development:

  • 2015-2018: Complete solution for Travel & Assignment Planning in Python (ETC Transport Consultants in Olten-Switzerland)
  • 2012-2014: Calculation Engine Library in C#/NET (Finaquant Calcs & Protos) based on table-valued functions (Finaquant Analytics, my own software company in Switzerland)
  • 2010-2012: Conceptual development and prototyping in Matlab for complex commission & performance fee calculations related with financial securities (Quartal Financial Solutions in Zürich-Switzerland)
  • 2006-2007: Implementation of a portfolio optimization model in Matlab; constrained investment EVA maximization problem with given investment rules and quotes (Allianz-Suisse in Zürich-Switzerland)
  • 2005-2006: Massive remodeling and simplification of the whole financial planning process, in SAP BW/BPS/FOX (Allianz-Suisse in Zürich-Switzerland)
  • 1999-2000: A complete online store with order processing, inventory and cashflow control in PHP/MySQL (Bilyap Aquaristic in Istanbul-Turkey)
  • 1994-1995: Active Noise Cancellation; Digital Signal Processing (DSP) und Predictive Modelling in Matlab (graduation thesis at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich-Switzerland and Edinburgh)

Software tasks and projects that interest me

  • Development of new concepts, solutions and software, and knowhow transfer (documents, training etc.)
  • Creating clarity; technical design, software architecture, development strategy & guidelines
  • Unification, standardization, simplification and automation of existing software solutions
  • Developing building stones (functions, classes, structures etc.) and libraries as a common denominator, that can be used in multiple software applications

As a principle, I don’t want to work for socially and ecologically irresponsible companies, and dubious sectors like defense, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and finance; these are for me black-money sectors.

In 2012, I decided not to work for the finance sector anymore, because this sector is for me the primary driver of all harmful businesses due to its its short-term, unscrupulous and mindless focus on money, and systemic ecological ignorance. You may visit why I left the Swiss CFA Society for more information.

Technical Skills & Strengths
Generally, I see my strengths in:

  1. Ability to see the complete picture, clear thinking & communication, analytical oversight, exceptional problem solving skills, completeness in terms of software development (software architecture, technical design, software development, documentation, coordination & communication, know-how transfer & training)
  2. Broad knowledge and experience in subject matters like predictive modelling, constrained optimization, graph algorithms & decision trees, travel planning & intelligent mobility, resource planning & optimization, matrix/vector and table functions, metadata, statistics, complex calculations and processes, data analytics & visualization, signals & systems including DSP, and technologies like Python, Matlab, database (PostgreSQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MS Access, MySQL), C#/.NET, Java, web programming like PHP-MySQL/CSS, web services, Datewarehouse/BW, reporting (SAP BI/BW, Business Objects, Crystal Reports), Excel/Access VBA

In my opinion, many organizations tend to attach too much importance to the knowledge of this or that technology that could be learned within a couple of weeks. Many technologies that are promoted under airy fantasy names -as if they were totally new rule-breaking innovations- share lots of common features with older technologies.

Special Knowhow
In these fields I developed my own independent concepts and solutions, almost from scratch:

  1. Metadata mathematics based on combinatorics and grouping
  2. Analytical table-valued functions based on metadata mathematics (in Matlab, C#/.NET and Python)
  3. Calculation engine based on table-valued functions (Finaquant Protos & Calcs in C#/.NET)
  4. Creating test data systematically based on combinatorics and grouping (in Matlab, Excel VBA, C#/.NET and Python)
  5. Conditional Route Search, Travel Planning; traversing dynamic (time-dependent) decision trees and graphs with search conditions & constraints at different levels (travel planning software in Python)
  6. Resource or assignment planning as a kind of constrained discrete optimization based on flexible logical (boolean) conditions and combinatorics (assignment planning software in Python)

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoglu – Senior Developer, Data Analyst and Software Architect

IMPORTANT NOTES (update in September 2018):
1) My company Finaquant Analytics GmbH is not active since 2015, since I decided to offer software know-how and consultancy with open-source software (as part-time employee or freelancer) instead of closed-source software certificates. All the software (in c#/.net) that I had developed for Finaquant Analytics will soon be available for download as free open-source.
2) Some links, references and downloads on this personal site (software.tuncalik.com) may not be up-to-date as I recently transferred the whole site (including my technical articles about software-related topics) from finaquant.com to software.tuncalik.com. Give me some time; I will check and correct them one by one.

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  1. Avatar photo tuncalik says:

    My current interests (LinkedIn post)

    * ecology & economy, sustainable communities, settlements & lifestyles
    * ecological gardens & aquariums (incl. permaculture)
    * music composition & production (music technology; recording, mix, master)
    * ecological enlightenment against ecological ignorance of mainstream economics (Church of Economism) and industrial paradigm
    * multifunctional & multidisciplinary education (ecology, philosophy, gardening, music etc.)
    * tennis training (assistant tennis trainer)
    ” renewable energies, especially solar energy (small scale)

    My PhD: Why does mainstream economics ignore ecology? (see pdf download on page)

    My short story: Wild Drummer of the Apple Village

    My book: Ecological Ignorance in Mainstream Economics (available at Amazon)

    My music: Wild Drummer is coming!

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