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Check my shared folder MyAnalyticalSoftware_AllDownloads for most uptodate downloads. Open-Source downloads of the C#/.NET libraries Finaquant Calcs and Finaquant Protos are also included in this shared download folder as zipped Visual Studio 2012 files. You may contact me if you need consulting for my analytical software (C#/.NET, Matlab, Python, R).

  1. Finaquant in Excel – Excel Add-in with Table-Valued Functions
  2. finaquant® protos – Non-Commercial .NET Library with Table Functions
  3. finaquant® calcs – Calculation Engine Library (.NET) based on Table Functions
  4. Complete Package: Commission Calculator
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  1. Avatar photo tuncalik says:

    There is a slight change in the product road map. There won’t be a separate product named finaquant® frames. All its planned calculation engine features will be incorporated into the upcoming commercial product finaquant® calcs.

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