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Excel Add-in for Table-Valued Functions (Finaquant in Excel)

Excel Add-in for Table-Valued Functions (Finaquant in Excel)

This Excel add-in named Finaquant in Excel that you can install within a minute makes Matrix, Vector and most importantly, Table-Valued Functions of .NET Library Finaquant Cals available for Excel users and programmers.

Table Valued Functions in .NET

Uncommercial: finaquant® protos Commercial: finaquant® calcs
Uncommercial .Net Library with Table Functions
– Non-commercial & free .net library
– Analytical Table Functions with in-memory tables as input and output parameters (like standard formulas in excel)
– Table computations without any sql-based database programming
– A framework for user-defined Table Functions (like user-defined formulas in excel)
– Ability to calculate and store all the table valued parameters of multiple calculation instances in a relational database like MS SQL or MySQL – more info & downloads
Calculation Engine based on Table Functions (.NET)
– All the features and Table Functions of the non-commercial finaquant® protos, plus Calculation Nodes and Networks for enhanced automation, performance and modularity (Calculation Engine)
– Integration of table and matrix computations for applications like scenario analysis, estimations and predictions
– Can be used for applications like Business Analytics & Intelligence, Commission & Performance calculations, Simulations & Optimizations – more info & downloads

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